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What exactly are you paying a real estate agent for?  What exactly do they do to earn that commission?

Real estate marketing seems to consist of putting an ad in the local newspaper, then creating a brochure and putting that in the real estate agents shop window.

Advanced real estate marketing seems to consist of advice like the property must be too expensive it’s just not selling – why don’t we drop the price by $50,000?

Does it strike you that something is wrong when you pay $20,000 to get advice that suggests you drop the price by $50,000?

This is the scenario that is causing more and more people to market their own property. “Private House Sales By Owner” are a boom industry!

One problem however, is that individual property owners struggle to get their property advertised online.

That’s where we come in. We have a variety of Services and Websites that specialise in catering to the “House For Sale By Owner” market.

We have a range of options that cater to all needs and budget. Here is a sample video:

The quickest, cheapest, easiest way to sell your own house is a single page designed to look good on a mobile, with a picture of the property, your contact details, and some basic information about your property.

We do have some upgrade options that you might enjoy it. The first of these is expanding that basic house listing by including a five picture slider.

The next option is a YouTube video, which we can create from pictures you supply, along with the basic text that you would like to include in, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, your contact details etc.  For any serious “House For Sale By Owner” this is far and away the best service for getting your Property noticed.

A YouTube video of course allows for an unlimited number of images of your property.

However the YouTube video is only half of the solution. Our background is in creating YouTube videos for small businesses. We then perform a search engine optimisation to ensure that that video ranks highly not only on you Tube but also on Google. It is this ability to get YouTube videos ranked that sets us apart from people who merely create videos.  Video is of course highly interactive, so we suggest that you seriously consider adding a YouTube video.

Prices range from a low $295 to $695 ONE-TIME fee for a top of the line listing.

And – *IF* you can find the “Secret Page” on our website – You might even get a discount!

All of our paid listings are kept online until your property sells.  Contrast this with weekly advertising in your local newspaper, where you have to keep paying for advertising week after week after week. A free listing stays up for one month and for an enhanced listing, it stays online as long as you need it to.

Another area that private sellers struggle with is producing flyers. We specialise in flyers from private sellers and have half a dozen different flyers that we can use to market your property.

Since we are an online marketing organisation, not a real estate office, we do not offer any real estate services. You will need to engage your own solicitors and other real estate services, such as termite inspections. Nor can we organise an open house.

There is a dynamite alternative to an open house, but this is so powerful that we only share it with clients who have paid a deposit on one of our package.  THIS WILL EXPLODE YOUR CHANCES OF SELLING YOUR PROPERTY!  Clients Only.

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Gold Coast Real Estate Private Sales

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