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Gold Real Estate Video Marketing

Gold Coast Real Estate Marketing Made Simple

Gold Coast Real Estate Marketing – There is NO
simpler way to market Gold Coast Coast Real Estate.

Email us the website link of the Property you want marketing – That’s ALL you have to do – JUST $195!

From there, we download all the Images we need, and the Gold Coast Property Listing Details (Others force you to input this info; we do it for you).  Then we create a Draft Video that we upload Privately for you to view.

Step 2 – You give us Feedback on the Video, and we make one set of changes (if required) for free.  You approve the revised video and we send you a Tax Invoice.

Step 3 – You pay the invoice and we upload the video to Youtube and start doing bookmarking for you (others ask you to do the bookmarking yourself).

PRICES – $195 for a 1 minute to 2 minute video using your Images and Text, including uploading to Youtube and TWO High Ranking Video Websites plus Bookmarking.  Includes Real Estate AGENT Videos and Real Estate LOCATION Videos.




Q.  How many Images can I use?

A.  However many it takes to market the property to your satisfaction!  Most people use 10-15 Images.  Because the ‘sweet spot’ for a Gold Coast Real Estate Marketing Video is 1-2 minutes, we suggest not more than 20 Images – but at the end of the day, your call.  We also suggest adding your photo, so that buyers identify you with the Property.  Please note that we use your existing images, no extra work involved.

Q.  Do I have to write Captions for the Images?

A.  No.  You already wrote a Description for the property; we can use that, cut your workload, and keep it simple for you.

Q.  How do I pay you?

A.  Direct Debit to our Bank Account (account details are on your invoice);  Credit Card;  Paypal.

Q.  What forms do we have to fill in?

A.  None.  We get all the info we need from the Property Description on the website link of the Property you want marketing.  We keep it real simple for you.

Q.  Can I choose the music?

A.  Because we only use music for which we have copyright, we ask you for general ideas, eg, Classical, Bright and Breezy, Latin, New Age, Country, Rock, etc.  This keeps you safe from copyright issues.  There are examples of different kinds of music in the sidebar.

Q.  How many Revisions of the video can I have?

A.  One free one.  After that, if it is a typo on our part, further revisions are obviously free.  If you simply changed your mind after the one free revision, subsequent revisions are $40 each.

Q.  My video goes on Youtube – Anywhere else?

A.  Yes – Our secret video site, plus our own website.  Then we create Backlinks for you from Social Bookmarking sites.

Q.  Are Youtube viewers directed to us?

A.  Yes.  We feature your phone number and website prominently on Youtube and our website.

Q.  What kind of Google Searches will I turn up on?

A.  You will get found in Google, Yahoo and Bing for search terms such as “3 bedroom house in Parkwood Gold Coast.”  For some suburbs we may have to add ‘Qld’ – for example  “3 bedroom house in Miami Gold Coast Qld” to get rid of USA search results.  Please note that others in our industry include the street address and show you top search results (bordering on unethical, in my opinion).  Because hardly anyone ever searches for “13 Any Street Parkwood Gold Coast” and there are so few results, it is easy to get top rankings.  However, we target keywords that are likely to be searched for, like  “3 bedroom house in Parkwood Gold Coast.”

Q.  Can I embed the video you make on my own website?

A.  Yes, just use the embed code from Youtube and paste it into your website.

Q.   Can I embed the video you make on other websites?

A.  Yes, if you want to put it on sites like www.RealEstate.com.au, please do!

Q.  Can YOU add it to other sites for me?

A.  Yes – Talk to Terry, phone 0468 420 470, and he will quote you for additional services.

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