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If a suburb has good amenities, it is usually a good sign that it is a good place to live.  Tell your potential clients about the Gold Coast Suburb each property is located in – With Gold Coast .

Is it close to the M1 or Gold Coast Highway?  Are there plenty of shops and restaurants  close by, and is public transport easy to access, including how close train stations are.  What are sporting facilities like?  And local entertainment venues?  Is there a local Library close by?  What are employment prospects like?

For a young family, the school zone might make or break the suburb you choose to live in. Make sure your children are in the right school zone for secondary school. If your children are primary school age, make sure you check the situation of the local secondary schools too.

Local community spirit is something that is essential to many; a vital part of what makes a great suburb great.Tell would be buyers where to find the local council website online, a good place to find out what is happening in the community. The local newspaper is a good place to find out about key members of the community and the Bureau of Statistics can provide you with information on crime rates.

If you see a suburb that does not look up to scratch, don’t write it off immediately. Many suburbs are undergoing major redevelopment, and the area you are looking at now may be vastly different in five or ten years.

Local or State government websites can also show you if there are any upcoming plans for new development and growth in the area. If there are, this might be the right time to invest in property in this area – or stay away from it!

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Real Estate Suburb Videos