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Get Your Introduction to New Clients Spot On.  Write it down.  Rehearse it. Get Feedback on it. THEN CREATE .  Introduce yourself to potential clients before you even meet them – with the perfect presentation.

There are so many things potential buyers want to know, both about you and the property they are looking for.  If they feel they “know” you from your Agent Video, that is a great start.  If your Suburb video adds great info about schools, entertainment, sporting facilities etc, you are even further ahead than most Agents..

Things have changed in the Real Estate industry, especially Post Covid.  The proliferation of mobile devices, the ease of searching on the internet and the growth of social media have made it easier than ever for people to search for a new home. Consumers can search home listings,  mortgage info and real estate agents all with the press of a button.

People are less likely to meet you face to face these days, with the rise of technology enabling them to search everything they need from home. People expect and want more from both their devices and real estate agents.

Attracting potential buyers in the current market is a difficult task. The second challenge is to guide them through the maze that home ownership involves these days.

There are several issues you need to consider when selling real estate. Probably the major one is Trust and your Agent Video can go a long way to establishing this trust before would-be buyers even meet you.  Another important aspect is your responsiveness and clear communication – having your Agent video online fosters both responsiveness and clear communication.

PRICE:  Just $195

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