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Gold Coast Real Estate Videos Created For You …

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The short video above gives you an overview of our Gold Coast Real Estate Videos, and a Specimen Video is below. Please click the link below to see:  Our Gold Coast Real Estate Video Portfolio     Proof That It Works   and   Results We Got For Our Clients




Discover the power of Gold Coast Real Estate Videos today – The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Online Tool! 

Learn how to really connect with potential buyers. Your Gold Coast Real Estate Videos  will be uploaded to YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world.  The power of Youtube then drives your videos onto Google itself!

Hi, my name is Terry Fisher.  Are you struggling with plummeting sales and commissions?   Unable to compete with the really large real estate agencies? Then maybe you need to discover the Power of Real Estate Videos, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

To make it really easy for you, I’ve decided to …

  • Get rid of the Fear of Technology (we do all the “Geekie” stuff for you)
  • Deal with ALL of the obstacles standing in the way of you getting Gold Coast Real Estate turning over again – quickly.

By significantly increasing your exposure to clients looking for the very house you are selling, you should easily improve sales.  And make more money

And finally, to make this “Gold Coast Real Estate Videos” Package unbelievable value, here are your Guarantees of Performance:

  • Page 1 of Youtube Guaranteed for that type of house, in that suburb!
  • At least 20 Youtube Views Guaranteed! (Usually we get far more)

Now you can start making a lot more sales – With a Double Guarantee that we will get your Gold Coast Real Estate Videos in front of a lot more prospective clients. I can not guarantee how much your sales will improve – that is up to you – BUT, I can guarantee a lot more people will see your offer!

See why more and more Gold Coast Real Estate Agents are going for individual websites and better exposure – Talk to us now!

My background is Business Videos – here is an example:

.Click the Link below to see more Business Video examples at:
Note that most of them have over 10,000 views! We have a PROVEN Track Record.

And now you can get great looking Gold Coast Real Estate Videos, at rock bottom prices, with Performance Guarantees, and you do not need to get your hands dirty with the “techie” stuff!  This is BIG in the USA – Get In Now!

Here is a Gold Coast Real Estate Videos example:

Please click for more Gold Coast Real Estate Videos  – Check the Views 🙂

And of course there are 4 examples in the side bar, showing off different music styles.  Just tell us what kind of music you want and we will fix it.  For copyright reasons, we use our own soundtracks.

Research suggests that the “sweet spot” for videos is 1 to 1.5 minutes, max 2 minutes – so your videos will be between 1 and 2 minutes.

When you see what Gold Coast Real Estate Videos do for your Sales – and Commissions – I reckon you will be hooked on this Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Online Tool.  At just $395 per video, this is an absolute bargain.

Compare this to other forms of advertising.  Our Gold Coast Real Estate Videos are totally focused.  They come up in Google Searches,  for what people are searching for,  at the time they are searching.  Compare this with the “scattergun” approach of Flyers and Newspaper Ads. And they are one-offs, while your Gold Coast Real Estate Videos are working for you 24/7 until you tell us the Property is sold.  Then compare the price – $395 for the best 24/7 advertising medium there is.  What are you paying now for one-off Newspaper Ads and Flyers?

And there is MINIMAL work for you.  Send me your existing Images and Listing Details – And I will do the rest for you. Even easier, just give me the link for the property on your website, and I can get everything I need from there.  $395.  5 minutes work.  Does it get any easier?

Now, you need to know that there are three types doing Real Estate Videos:

1. Real Estate Firms themselves (good at Real Estate, and Offline Marketing – BUT not that hot at ONLINE Marketing).

2. Video Companies (make great videos – but does anyone see them?)

3. Search Engine Optimization Specialists. Us. We make great videos at a very reasonable price BUT we also know how to get results in Google.

Others make better videos than us – But when you are talking two days shoots, and helicopter shots, you can forget our $395 price tag. Yes, you can pay thousands for a RE video, but that eats into your commission and there is no guarantee of a Page 1 Ranking.”

Go with the Experts – Because if your Gold Coast Real Estate Video never gets seen, you just wasted time and money making it. And, with us – It is Risk free.  We GUARANTEE Page 1 of Youtube for that type of house, in that suburb – Or you get your money back!

So What Will it Be?

  • Continue struggling for Buyers until your Gold Coast Real Estate business is on Life Support
  • Continue with the same tired old ideas – and wonder why nothing ever changes, or
  •  Get Exciting, Interactive, Gold Coast Real Estate Videos for your clients to view!

Ring Terry NOW on (07) 5549 0927 / 0468 420 470 or email  and
Breathe New Life Back Into Your Gold Coast Real Estate Business!

Terry Fisher,
Gold Coast Real Estate Videos

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P.S. If you are ready for a a significant boost to your Real Estate Business – Say Yes Today, while it is still fresh on your mind.

If you have any questions ring me now on (07)5534 8322  or 0468 420 470, or you can contact me at the email address listed below. Take Action Today!

Gold Coast Real Estate Videos



Selling Gold Coast Real Estate – The Missing Link


Is there really a Missing Link for Selling Gold Coast Real Estate ?

For most Real Estate companies – Yes.  Some have mastered The Art of  SEO, most have not.

Which leaves you with two options – learn SEO, or go to the Experts. And if you do not even know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. In plain english, where you turn up in Google searches.

Here is an example –

Selling Gold Coast Real Estate - SEO

If you Search for “gold coast real estate videos” there were 34,800,000 competing results – and only 10 of them can get on Page 1 of Google.  We are on Page 1.  THREE times.  Twice for our website, once for our Youtube channel.  Please note that Google Rankings bounce around a few spots, so you will see something similar but it may be slightly different.

OK, that establishes that we have a degree of expertise for getting found on Google.

If you are Selling Gold Coast Real Estate, what does this mean for you?

It means that if we do a Gold Coast Real Estate Video for you, there is a pretty good chance it is going to get seen.  In fact, if it is not on Page 1 of Youtube you get a full refund for your Gold Coast Real Estate Video – no questions asked.

Want even more leverage for Selling Gold Coast Real Estate ?  Consider this –

Selling Gold Coast Real Estate - Seo

Yep, on Page 1 of Yahoo too.  And look at some of the listings below us.  Cool!

So, if you are Selling Gold Coast Real Estate – What would a listing for an individual property on Pages 1 of both Google and Yahoo mean for your Commissions?

What?  You want more?

Selling Gold Coast Real Estate - SEO

Ok, we got Bing covered too.

All of these results are against 35-40 MILLION competitors.

So – If you are selling a 3-bedroom house in Robina, what do you think we could achieve for YOU?

So, if you are Selling Gold Coast Real Estate, Ring Terry on 07 5534 8322 NOW about getting a Gold Coast Real Estate Video created, put up on Youtube, AND getting it in front of YOUR Prospective Buyers.